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About the Author

Ariana Ayu 

Author, activist, international speaker, multi-preneur, mentor, and mom, Ariana Ayu, is the CEO and founder of companies in several industries. She is best known for helping people fulfill their life purpose through business, and her compassionate, no-nonsense style of strategic planning breaks complicated processes into practical, achievable steps. Her professional experience encompasses the fields of business, health, and personal development. Her book “The Magic of Mojo: The Creative Power Behind Success” was lauded by businesspeople, athletes, coaches, and consultants, and she’s received awards and recognition from leading professional women’s groups in the US and UK. Ariana is passionate about empowering women to achieve greater success and happiness– without sacrificing one for the other— and is one of those rare authentic people who truly walks her talk.

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Praise for The Magic of Mojo

  • This is one SPECTACULAR read! It really picks me up when I’m having one of those “not so good days”. I wish that this book had been around when I was playing football. At the very least, it would have helped me through those tough games and I could have possibly played an additional 5 years! Kudos to Ariana for her great work!

    William Judson, Atlanta, GA
    Former Pro Football Player (Miami Dolphins)

  • The Mojo Maven has written a book that will transform our current paradigm of what a happy, healthy life looks like. Her inspiring and motivational guidance on how to get your mojo back by infusing passion, purpose and play into everything you do, is a roadmap to create the shift humanity needs. A roadmap to living an epic life!

    Dr. Mickra Hamilton, Asheville, NC
    Owner, Synchronicity Wellness

  • Lost your mojo? As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you need to know. It’s brimming with straightforward strategies anyone can use to get passion, purpose, and play back into your life. I wish I had this book as a teenager when I was figuring out what to do with my life. Do your kids a favor – give them this book so they can live a fun, purpose-driven life without all the angst of trying to figure out ‘Who am I?’ or ‘Why am I here?’!

    Cheryl Bass, Cardiff, Wales, UK
    Creator & Managing Director I AM WOMAN Ltd.

  • The OLD way to succeed was to put your head down, work hard, and power through any misery and drudgery you faced. No more! Ariana shows us how to have work success and personal satisfaction at the same time. Powerful, practical and solid advice on finding your mojo. Apply Ariana’s knowledge and you’ll have a heck of a lot more fun – not to mention success!

    Sheryl Rudd, Sylva, NC
    CEO, Heinzelmannchen Brewery, Inc.

  • Ariana has a unique combination of exceptional business skills as well as an incredible way of bringing a stellar uniqueness to your brand and your organizational identity. This book is a must read for anyone, or any organization who wants to bring their business to the highest level possible by seamlessly integrating their own “Mojo” with world class business practices.

    Peter Anthony Klein, Oconomowoc, WI
    Founder and CEO of Empower Your Brilliance

The Magic of Mojo:
The Creatiove Power Behind Success

  • Whether you’re a Fortune 500 Executive, a “Mom-preneur,” or somewhere in between, The Magic of Mojo guides you through a playfully pragmatic and step-by-step process to achieve real success with joy, humor, honesty, authenticity, and self-discovery.

  • Ariana offers insights and understanding alongside real-world tools, tips, and techniques that will help you on your journey to wisdom and wealth, both personally and professionally, at home and in business. Through this simple 5-step process you will learn to reliably tap into your creative flow and live a life that’s vital, successful, and passionately your own. 

  • This book walks you step-by-step from apathy and discontent to renewed purpose and passion in your work – it’s not a “motivational” book, it’s a step-by-step guide!

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About the Author

America’s Mojo Maven, Ariana Ayu, is National Association of Professional Women’s 2014/15 Woman of the Year. An entrepreneur, author, interpersonal expert, Registered Nurse, and business and brand strategist, Ariana is the CEO and founder of several companies including Ayutopia International, LLC, which develops profitable and collaborative corporate cultures, personal celebrity brands, and custom branded websites. Ariana is the author of the column: Business Mojo on

Ariana has worked as a high-level executive and board member for a multi-million dollar consulting company as well as working for or with companies ranging from 1 person to over 10,000. She is an internationally respected author, speaker/singer, trainer, and coach, as well as the founder and creatrix of the Bodacious Branding system, Sacred Business Summits™, and the Magic of Mojo™ series. Ariana’s press includes radio interviews and articles in USA Today, International Business Times, ABC, CBS, CBS Money Watch, the CW, Eyewitness News, FOX, NBC, Newsday, Virtual-Strategy Magazine, the World’s Luxury Guide, Renewable Energy World,, The Miami Herald, A.M. Best Company, Beyond the Dow, BlogTalkRadio, and Hollywood Industry among others.

Ariana Ayu earned her Masters degree at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland, UK. She is a member and supporter of The Women of Global Change (WGC), the Alliance for Women in Media, the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), I AM WOMAN (UK-based), the National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC), and the National Organization for Women (NOW): organizations focused on positive societal change through the empowerment and advancement of women. Ariana is proud to support non-profit organizations such as The National Wildlife Federation, World Wildlife Fund, Habitat for Humanity, Edmarc Hospice for Children, and The Make It Right Foundation.

Ariana’s corporate clients build value-driven brand cultures with high employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. Ariana keeps her clients on track, focused, and moving in their right direction to attain business and personal success. Her philosophy is that your business should help you “earn more, live luxuriously, and be profoundly fulfilled.”

A native of the Washington, DC area, Ariana lives in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina with her beloved husband David and their snugglehound Iris. Her interests include holistic health, quantum physics, and neuroscience. Ariana’s hobbies include healthy paleo/ primal cooking, connecting with nature, meditating, reading, spa-ing and traveling, both nationally and globally.

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